One thought on “January 15, 2017

  1. ​Dear ​Acha,

    We are so glad and blessed to have all those who are supporting generously for this ministry. Thank you very much acha for your support and hard work on editing/completing our writings.

    First, I want to mention that, this ministry has helped me for my personal, spiritual growth but I do not know whether anyone else is benefiting from this.

    Second, as I mentioned to you earlier, this is a good resource for any syro Malabar churches, if the church/diocese is willing to implement to be part of their catechism and include the weekly church activities (like the one we get from Latin churches).
    Also, this can also be a perfect tool for the youth to discuss in their class as they do not have a specific book to follow.

    Jessy ​ Chellakkudam​

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